About Us

Walking Lightly Ranch is a sanctuary nestled in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains in Northwest Montana. We are home to a small community of humans, a large community of wildlife, and a touchstone for a global community of kindred spirits that value mindfulness, self-awareness, radiant health and open-hearted happiness. Our mission is to cultivate these qualities in ourselves and, with this meaningful work, contribute to the sustainability of the land, the planet, and each other.


As a guest, you can enjoy courses from various teachers in the fields of yoga & mindfulness, art & culture, and sustainability in a beautiful, tranquil setting in the Montana mountains.


As an organizer of courses in yoga, mindfulness, art, culture, or sustainability, you can rent first class facilities for just a few hours or for many days.

The Land

Imagine a place in the wilds of Montana, set on 400 plus acres, in a major migration corridor, surrounded by one of the most pristine wilderness areas in the lower 48. Imagine what it is to have open space. Wandering rights.

At Walking Lightly Ranch, our family has created a sanctuary which sets aside hundreds of acres of wildlife habitat. And when you’re here, you see it— day by day, season by season, on the three lakes at Walking Lightly, and the miles of trails. We experience Canada geese gathering and flocking, black bear foraging, white tail deer rutting, elk bugling, and share habitat with Sandhill cranes, eagles, hawks, heron, as well as the resident beaver whose hard work keeps the lake clean for swimming. The land is a big part of what makes Walking Lightly Ranch so special, and we hope that when you’re here you get out and enjoy it!

This land has meant many things to many people. It is easy to imagine a time when it was a thriving hunting-and-gathering ground to Native peoples, with its open meadows, deep forests, and year-round water flow creating a rich habitat for wildlife. Over time, it has also been used for logging, trapping, and homesteading. In honor of the pristine offerings of this land, Walking Lightly Ranch has created a sanctuary which acts as an anchor for our long term vision which is: to secure the health, diversity, and access to this beautiful place for at least seven generations.

We are committed to keeping this land as close as possible to its natural state for as long as we can. Imagine the possibilities. Community. Sustainability. Mindfulness. Awareness. Nature connection. How would that change the world? At Walking Lightly, we are committed to these possibilities.